North Korea Declares War…Again?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - North Korea Declares War Again -

Last Week Tonight

North Korea Declares War

North Korea is always declaring war with the west – and it’s getting tiresome.  the Problem with North Korea, is that they’re a lot like that drunk asshole you sometimes find in a bar – the one puffing his chest out and wanting to pick a fight with everyone.  The one, whose only friend steps aside, knowing it’s gone too far.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, these nitwits have a glass jaw and it’s over  before it starts, but there’s always that one percent, the prick who has a knife or a gun hidden under his shirt.  

You now you can take him, but there’s always that “what if” in the back of your mind.

That’s North Korea in a nutshell.  And for all their posturing and threats, if the world finds out they’ve been bluffing this whole time – they’re fucked.

John Oliver, Ladies and Gentlemen.  Take it away…

Excerpt from HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
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