Should Weed Be Legal?

Should Weed Be Legal


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"If you've never done pot, or alcohol, or any other kind of drug, ever, your whole life, well then fuck you. You're a boring person and all your stories suck."

Should weed be legal?  Yes.  There, that was easy.

Seriously though, why is Marijuana still illegal?  Is it big pharma?  Is it a conspiracy?  Or maybe it’s another one of those things that just got out of control and people were too complacent to care about stopping it.

Most pot smokers still don’t know about William Randolph Hearst, the newspaper owner of the early 1900’s that printed a smear campaign to discredit marijuana.  At the time, marijuana (hemp) was poised to take over in newsprint.  That would have meant going through the trouble and expense of changing pulp and paper equipment.  But that was almost one hundred years ago.  You would think that, someone, anyone, would have tried to change the law in all that time.

Turns out, people are creatures of habit and most people won’t “rock the boat”, as it were.  Besides, it’s not like weed is hard to find, this shit’s everywhere.

But with public opinion now moving well past 60% in favor of legalization, governments are taking a second look at the benefits of legalization – both medical and financial.

Better late than never, I suppose.

Should Weed Be Legal
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