The Sugar Baby Thug Life

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Sugar Baby Thug Life

Dear Lazy Liberals, get a job

"I honestly never get tired of running into you ladies whenever I'm at the casino, watching you stand by the nickel slot machines, wearing your best tube top and giving it away to anyone with a roll of quarters and a steak dinner"
Arnold J. Farnbuckle

Are you a sugar baby?  A tough guy wanna be?  If so, then odds are, you’ve never worked a hard day in your life, while sponging off others.  It’s not something to be proud of, and definitely not something any hard working person would ever respect.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when then have to pull up their pants, head out into the world and forge their own path.  That means, getting a job, a career, joining the military, or anything else that can contribute to society and their own well being.  For many, that day was about 10+ years ago. Unfortunately, for lazy people, avoiding work is a way of life, and almost a skillset in itself. 

Candidates include 30 somethings with no skills, sugar babies, gang bangers, Pokémon champions, and women who pop out another kid just in time for their subsidized housing and welfare hearing.  Sullen, lazy people who sit on the sofa and do absolutely nothing with their lives while they mooch off the generosity, and stupidity, of others are the plague of society and as such, deserve the full wrath of every criticism then get.  

Get a job, you lazy shit!

The Sugar Baby Thug Life – REMASTERED
Original airdate January 22, 2016

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