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Marijuana, once outlawed out of racism, ignorance and greed, is now gaining wide acceptance in the U.S.  To date, forty-four states have legalized medical marijuana, with eight of those states allowing recreational use.  But even with over 60% of American citizens supporting legalization, marijuana still remains illegal at the federal level.  For people in the dispensary business, this poses a huge problem when it comes to taxes.  Then, there are those people genuinely need it, but unfortunate enough to be stuck in some legal twilight zone grey area.

While many would still argue corporate greed in the pharmaceutical area is to blame for such slow progress, that simply isn’t the case.  The real problem is ignorance.  U.S. lawmakers have a stubborn unwillingness to do their own research and realize the immense benefits of full legalization in everything from health, to agriculture, and even finance.

John Oliver from Last Week Tonight looks at the legal grey area of marijuana, and the people who have been unfortunate enough, to have been caught in the middle of an antiquated system that is slow to change.

Excerpt from HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
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