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Welcome to BlackWitch Media, North Americas internet stop for twisted comedy, funny videos and hilarious memes.  Looking for stand-up?  Check out funny man Jim Jefferies, or John Oliver in his weekly show Last Week Tonight.  Have a laugh with our extensive library of funny memes.  And of course, the star attraction, F.U.Q.D.U.P. an original series dedicated to tickling the funny bone once a week.  So sit back, light one up, and haugh a laugh on us, because the world is just a better place to be when we can learn to see the funny in whatever life has to throw at us.

No, the site is not dead.  With the recent string of youtube shenanigans, and my decision to retool everything, I just haven’t had the time this site needs lately, but that’s all changing soon.

By the end of this year (2018) this site will be up and running again with new videos.

Just gotta be patient, is all.

Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

April 9, 2018

FEBRUARY 4, 2017
DECEMBER 24, 2016
OCTOBER 28, 2016
SEPTEMBER 16, 2016
APRIL 15 2016
MARCH 25, 2016
MARCH 11, 2016
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JANUARY 29, 2016
JANUARY 15, 2016
JANUARY 1, 2016
JANUARY 27, 2017
JANUARY 20, 2017
NOVEMBER 7, 2016
SEPTEMBER 30, 2016
APRIL 22, 2016
APRIL 1, 2016
MARCH 18, 2016
MARCH 4, 2016
FEBRUARY 12, 2016
JANUARY 22, 2016
JANUARY 8, 2016
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